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10/31/2015 | Restoring a Fair Workweek

Winning a Fair Workweek

Over 238,600 workers now free from on-call scheduling

As of this month, 238,600 retail workers are now free from on-call scheduling— an employer practice that forces working people to put their lives on hold without guarantee of work or compensation for their time.

Urban Outfitters joined five other brands in ending on-call scheduling in U.S. stores, including the Gap Inc., Bath & Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, and J. Crew.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s probe into on-call scheduling practices at 13 retailers, coupled with broader public pressure, has helped turn the tide on this troubling practice. Grassroots organizations across the country are continuing to push for new public policies to ensure that workers are not subject to other forms of last-minute, unpredictable schedules, and to ensure that all workers are paid for their time when they are required to be available to work.

Baristas win advanced notice and end to clopens at Starbucks

Thank you to all those who signed Ciara's petition organized by our partner CPD Action, asking for 11 hours of rest between shifts at Starbucks. Since her petition launched, workers have taken action in their stores and at corporate headquarters.

As a result, Starbucks has announced a significant change in its policy. All workers will now get at least 2 weeks’ notice of work schedules instead of 10 days, their scheduling software will no longer schedule workers to close and then open stores the next day - "clopens" - and store managers can no longer override the system. Workers will also get a minimum of 8 hours of rest between shifts. This means that workers are one step closer to getting the rest they need to work productively as well as being with and looking after their loved ones. If you haven't already read our report on the state of scheduling at Starbucks, it can be downloaded here: The Grind: Striving for Scheduling Fairness at Starbucks.

Now, Starbucks workers from Seattle to Atlanta are calling for a meeting with CEO Howard Schultz to find more comprehensive solutions to these scheduling issues. You can add your name to show your support for baristas having fair schedules and a voice at work here.