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Center For Popular Democracy Condemns Shutdown Vote

“Now is not the time to compromise. Now is the time to stand firm on our principles,” says national community organizing network


WASHINGTON, DC - In response to the U.S. Senate vote to pass a continuing resolution that funds the federal government for another three weeks without a commitment on the Dream Act, the Center for Popular Democracy's Co-Executive Director Ana Maria Archila made the following statement:

"We're profoundly disappointed and enraged with today's vote.

Today, a majority of Democratic Senators, as well as the few Republican Senators who had vowed to stand up for Dreamers, voted for an agreement that failed to protect immigrant youth whose lives were put at risk by Trump’s decision to end DACA. With their votes, these senators sent a dangerous message to our communities: that they will shrink under pressure and fail to stand up for the most vulnerable communities and for our values, even when the majority of the country agrees with us and rejects the white nationalist agenda of this Administration.

We want to thank the senators who have stood with us through the fight. Thank you for your courage and your moral clarity. We count on you to continue to fight for our right to live without fear and to stay in the place we call home.

Now is not the time to compromise. Now is the time to stand firm on our principles and stand up for our communities. Americans across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support protecting Dreamers and providing healthcare to children. And our power is growing by the day - just this weekend, hundreds of thousands marched across the country in a show of progressive strength.  

Over the next few weeks we will redouble our efforts to win for Dreamers. Our families cannot wait. Every single day that passes, 122 young people lose DACA. We will not rest, we will not sleep, and we will not give up until all of our communities are safe. Dreamers are tired of false promises and need a legislative solution now.”


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Asya Pikovsky, apikovsky@populardemocracy.org, 207-522-2442