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Toys "R" Us Workers Meet with Senator Bernie Sanders and March Against Private Equity as the Legacy of Geoffrey is Further Tarnished...

Today, a group of Toys "R" Us employees met with Senator Bernie Sanders in Washington D.C., later marching alongside representatives from The Center for Popular Democracy and Rise Up Retail as...

The Rock Father Magazine | Restoring a Fair Workweek

City Council overrides Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of paid-sick leave bill in early morning session

New York Daily News - June 27, 2013, by Tina Moore & Erin Durkin - The City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg’s veto Thursday and made New York the largest city in the country to require paid...

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‘May You Die in Pain,’ Voter Tells GOP Lawmaker

‘May You Die in Pain,’ Voter Tells GOP Lawmaker

An angry voter had harsh words for Rep. Doug LaMalfa, R-Calif., at a town hall meeting on Monday: "May you die in pain," the voter said, scolding the California Republican for his support of a...

NBC News | Civic Engagement

Watch My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and Andrew Bird Play New Version of “Sic of Elephants”

In July, Andrew Bird began a new series called “Live From the Great Room,” where he performed an acoustic set in his living room with a guest. Today, he’s released an updated version of Soldier On...

Pitchfork | Fighting for an Inclusive Democracy

Teachers Union Questions Charter School Relationships With For-Profit Company

Denver’s teachers union is demanding Denver Public Schools halt the expansion of charter schools until district leaders can ensure taxpayer money is not going to for-profit corporations.


Colorado Public Radio

Skinny Girl's CEO Bethenny Frankel charters multiple planes to bring supplies to Hurricane Maria survivors

Bethenny Frankel is turning the full force of her efforts on the disaster in Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria. As reported by People, the Skinny Girl CEO, B Strong charity spearhead, mother, and...

The Los Angeles Times | Civic Engagement

Jackson Hole Demonstrators Rally Against Rate Hike

Associated Press - August 22, 2014, by Matthew Brown — Shadowing central bankers and economists at the annual Federal Reserve conference here, a group of about 10 demonstrators pressed Fed Chair...

Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up
[created] | Published by: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Activists from around the country to march, hold workshops in Pittsburgh

Activists from around the country to march, hold workshops in Pittsburgh

An estimated 1,500 demonstrators will hit the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh this afternoon — and both geographically and politically, they expect to cover a lot of ground.

The “Still We...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Protecting Immigrant Communities, Organizing for Environmental Justice, Organizing for Education Justice, Raising the Bar for Workers and Families

What Happens After the Progressive Revolution Comes to a City Like Durham

“Coalitions are coming together throughout the country. “Increasingly, what we’re seeing is cities and municipal policy-makers working together to build alternatives in policy and governance,”...

The Nation

Language Access - The Report

Language Access in New York State: A Snapshot from a Community Perspective

The state government provides New Yorkers with a multitude of services and benefits necessary for their survival...


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We were excited and honored to represent at @Netroots_Nation for #NN24 this past week. Everyone showed out this year- on a panel about the deep organizing we need to #HouseEveryOne, at @ppls_coalition's documentary screening for We The People’s Process, and closing celebration. https://t.co/gqAf2Yr7rU

5 days ago

Black, Latine and working-class communities have been experiencing #Project2025 policy for decades- and they were the first to speak up about it. Join our call about it from wherever you are today: https://t.co/55AxT5fehz https://t.co/jQcgxeyZnC

6 days ago