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Organize Florida

Organize Florida is a community-based, nonprofit member organization of low and moderate income people dedicated to the principles of social, racial, and economic justice and the promotion of an equal and fair Florida for all.

Organize Florida works on a variety of campaigns throughout a given year. Whether at the neighborhood level, city or county, statewide or national, every campaign is a priority if membership decides it is.  Current campaigns and issues we are fighting for include:

TRUST Orlando
In partnership with over 38 social justice organizations representing thousands of Orlando residents known as the TRUST Orlando Coalition, we celebrated getting the TRUST Act policy passed that ensures undocumented immigrant residents in Orlando will not be profiled or detained based on their citizenship status. The TRUST Act mandates that all city residents are treated equally in access to city services and that undocumented victims of crime can come forward and demand justice without fear of detainment based solely upon on their citizenship status.

Riviera Villas : Orlando Code Enforcement
Residents of Riviera Villas apartment complex won a major victory recently when Orlando Code Enforcement officials levied the largest fine possible to the building’s landlord.7M Real Estate Inc, the management company for the Villas, faces fines of up to $1,500 a day if violations aren’t corrected within 30 days. The violations include rat infestations, several roof leaks, inoperable plumbing and no water heaters.The landlords quickly began fixing the problems.

FEMA Extensions
OFEF’s Puerto Rican Diaspora work with Vamos 4 PR was successful in helping relocated families gain several  FEMA voucher extensions, allowing these families to remain housed at area hotels. Although the voucher program did eventually run out, we still fought to bring attention to the Puerto Rican diaspora housing through events like our tent city held at a republican meeting where Rick Scott was present.

Equity Language
Working with the Orlando Green Works committee, our Climate Justice Committee successfully implemented social equity language in the new Green Works plan.

Statewide Partnerships
We spent the last four years deepening our alignment with the top progressive powerhouses in the state (Florida Immigrant Coalition, New Florida Majority, Jobs with Justice, SEIU, Faith in Florida and Dream Defenders)to expand our collective reach, unify our messaging, achieving statewide policy victories, and building the kind of trust with one another that makes those things possible.

Political Action Committee
Political Action Committees will be responsible for making endorsement recommendations to our board, building relationships with and holding accountable elected officials and leading our political programs.


Contact Info

134 E Colonial Drive
Orlando FL, 32801

Reach us at:

Office: (321) 800-2095 

Email: Linda@OrganizeFlorida.org

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