ALCANCE is mobile application and database built for community organizations conducting outreach and community navigation for Immigrant Rights.

As CPD partners prepared to hit the streets across the country to let people know the status of Obama’s Executive Action in late 2014, we decided that we needed a tool that could help organizers move people into action and at the same time, make the job of the organizer easier. ALCANCE is an app that organizers can use to carry out a conversation with anyone on the street, and sign that person up for workshops and meetings on the spot. The organizer enters the person’s contact information, preferred language, and goes through available workshops in order to find a time that works best for the person. Once in the ALCANCE database, organization staff can check on appointments and workshop RSVPs, remind people with automatic text messages and emails, and track their progress through workshops and document preparation.

As part of CPD’s Immigrant Justice Initiative, we launched ALCANCE in September, 2015 with CPD partner organizations in Texas, California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since the launch, additional groups in New Mexico, Illinois and New York have started using ALCANCE.

ALCANCE has now been used to reach thousands of people across the country and we continue to improve and refine the program as we use it. Are you interested in using ALCANCE at your organization? Fill out this interest form so we can follow up with you.