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CPD/A Network Black-led Affiliates


Center for Popular Democracy/CPD Action Network Black-Led Affiliates

The CPD/A Network is rooted in the belief that through our collective action we can build a world where each and every person has the freedom to thrive. We know that when a new world emerges, it will be birthed by the struggle, labor and love of Black leaders and communities.  We invite others to join us by giving to our Black-led affiliates that are fighting for freedom on the frontlines right now.

Alaskan's Take a Stand / StandUp Alaska

The members of Alaskans Take A Stand are a diverse group of Alaskans coming together to increase community awareness on social and healing justice, Indigenous rights, and racial equity. Connecting through activities that address base community wellbeing measures.

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)  

ACCE is dedicated to raising the voices of everyday Californians, neighborhood by neighborhood, to fight for the policies and programs we need to improve our communities and create a brighter future. The mission of the ACCE Institute is to improve the lives of California's traditionally underserved residents, including communities of color, low-income and working families, and the undocumented population, by carrying out work that fosters deep, indigenous leadership development, policy creation, robust civic participation, and broad community empowerment.

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) 

We work to ensure a high quality of life and access to opportunities for members of the Black community in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. The concerns and needs of the communities we represent always come first. Community-based organizing and face-to-face conversations lead to change. So we listen in order to build transformational, not transactional, relationships. We are uniters, working to lift up the Black citizens, leaders, and businesses of our community. We are transparent in our work to ensure the community we advocate for can hold us accountable.

Communities Creating Opportunity

Founded in the Blue Hills neighborhood, today Communities Creating Opportunity 9CCO) is led by and serves residents of five low life expectancy zip codes in Kansas City: 64109, 64127, 64128, 64130, and 64132. These are majority black, low-income areas (median $26-28k), with large health and life expectancy (15-year) discrepancies, compared to wealthier, whiter areas nearby. Rooted in faith but open to all, the organization serves residents by fighting for public policy change at the local, state, and federal levels, but also by connecting or even providing residents with direct services.

Center on Policy Initiatives

The Center on Policy Initiatives is a nonprofit research and action institute dedicated to creating economic prosperity, sustainable communities, and a healthy environment for all. CPI serves a unique role in the San Diego region, providing the analysis, policy solutions, education, and alliances that advance social and economic justice for working people and diverse communities.

Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement 

DACA's mission is to empower low-and moderate-income people, in the state of Delaware, to improve their communities through education, training, community organizing, and outreach.The Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement has three main programs; the Community Education and Training Development program, the Community Public Health Development program, and the Community Beautification and Historic Preservation Development program.

Detroit Action 

Detroit Action is a grassroots member-led, community-based organization fighting for political power, racial and economic justice for working-class Detroiters. Our mission is to build the power of individuals and families to challenge the root cause of poverty, advance justice, and promote human development through neighborhood-driven community organizing and civic engagement.

Flint Rising 

Flint Rising, a project of The Advocacy Fund, is a coalition of community organizations and allies working to ensure that directly impacted people are building the organizing infrastructure and leadership necessary for this long-haul fight for justice and creating the future that Flint families need and deserve.

Kenwood Oakland Community Organization

The Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO) has been an instrument or grassroots democracy in the North Kenwood and Oakland communities since 1965. Founded by Jesse Jackson and other religious and community leaders, KOCO facilitated organizing campaigns that increased the resources and services available to families and residents. Today, KOCO continues its work as a vehicle and voice of low-income and working families while also leading the way to build Black-led organizing infrastructure in Chicago and Midwest. KOCO utilizes direct action community organizing as its primary methodology for change, and develops new generations of Black leadership that will build stable, viable, and just communities where opportunity is not denied based on race or economic status. 

New Georgia Project

The New Georgia Project is a nonpartisan effort to register and civically engage Georgians. NGP’s goal is to register all eligible, unregistered citizens of color in Georgia by the end of the decade.

Ohio Organizing Collaborative 

OOC was formed around three basic ideas. First, that community, faith, labor and policy organizations must commit to a long-term permanent alliance, rather than coming together sporadically around the latest campaign, contract fight, or election. Second, there is a need for innovation in the field of community organizing that addresses issues of scale, nimbleness, layered strategies, electoral capacity, and breadth of leadership development. And third, that we cannot build a progressive movement in this country without the Midwest. In order to be successful, it is imperative that we develop an economic and organizing agenda to address deindustrialization and the decades-long decline of urban cores in places like Ohio.

Our Future West Virginia

Our aim is to make West Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family - no matter who you are. We, along with other individuals, private organizations, and state agencies, work to improve the health of children and families in West Virginia. We provide a forum for diverse organizations to discuss, coordinate and collaborate on issues that improve the health and well-being of West Virginia children.

Rights & Democracy

Rights and democracy are won when people come together to make their voices heard, so we’re building a strong movement and the people power necessary to win justice and improve the policies that affect us and our communities. Our members are young and old. They are families, single people, and retirees. They are working people who come from communities all across the state. Together, we create change through grassroots organizing, educating and mobilizing around the issues that affect our communities, recruiting and training candidates to run for office, and working through the political and electoral process to advance progressive policies that lead to happy, healthy and just communities for all Vermonters.

SPACEs in Action

SPACEs works with individual leaders and organizations to bridge the gap between vision and impact. We use community organizing, facilitation, service delivery, coaching/training and dialogue to bridge the gap between what leaders and communities envision and what they actually achieve.

Sunflower Community Action 

Sunflower Community Action is a Kansas-wide, non-profit, grassroots organization founded in Wichita, KS in 1991. We’re brown and black and white. We’re young and old, and have low to moderate incomes. We’re recent immigrants and families who have lived in Kansas for generations. Because we love Kansas and our communities, we focus on a variety of issues that concern us. Together we take action for racial and economic equity. Our mission is to unite and empower people to achieve justice and equality for all, changing lives by developing grassroots leaders who identify problems and seek lasting solutions. Sunflower members build power by taking action and holding decision-makers accountable.

Step Up Louisiana

The members of Step Up Louisiana are committed to building political power to win education and economic justice for all. Our members will Step Up and go beyond voting to organize from a racial justice perspective, campaign and hold political and community leaders accountable. We will work in our own neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces to disrupt systemic oppression. We will build the people power needed to win in our city and state.

Texas Organizing Project

The Texas Organizing Project (TOP), founded in 2009, organizes Black and Latino communities in Dallas, Harris, and Bexar counties with the goal of transforming Texas into a state where working people of color have the power and representation they deserve.