Our Work

How We Work

CPD is a high-impact national organization that builds organizing power to transform the local and state policy landscape through deep, long-term partnerships with leading community-based organizing groups nationwide.

Since its launch in April 2012, CPD has grown to a staff of experienced attorneys and community organizers as well as experts in technology and strategic research. Collectively, our staff brings decades of experience to bear, merging technical and legal expertise with deep organizing experience to support our partners in winning, sustaining, expanding and replicating victories across the country. CPD not only helps partners win organizing campaigns and further innovative policy agendas, but we also support them to build strong organizational infrastructure and political muscle.

CPD generates momentum from the local level up to ensure that the values of equity, opportunity and a dynamic democracy become national priorities. Our work is not simply about making policy change. It is about working with communities to understand the root causes of the challenges we confront, building consensus around transformative solutions, and working in sustained partnership to accomplish shared goals. We aim to do our work in a way that builds trust, enhances collective capacity, and ultimately broadens and strengthens the progressive movement.