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Our Values


Still We Rise! A Platform For Our Freedom

We are people bending the arc of history towards justice. We are young and old. We are women. We are men. We are queer. We are trans. We are students. We are workers and the unemployed. And we are the people whose daily labor is not recognized as work. And still, we rise!

We are parents and grandparents. We are Latinxs. We are Black. We are Asian. We are White. We are indigenous and we are immigrants. We are people of faith. We are DREAMers. We are disabled and non-disabled. We are the homeless and the formerly incarcerated. We are the millions of human beings in this country living behind bars and in detention centers. And still, we rise!

We come from all corners of the world, and from all corners of this country. And we come together. Today and every day. We are fierce. We are strong. We are generous and we are bold. Together, we are powerful. And together we will rise! 

We believe in justice and equality for all. We believe in the transformative power of love. We believe in our dreams, and we believe in each other. Every generation is called to continue the struggle for freedom—we must answer this call, and turn back the ugly wave of hate that seeks to divide us based on race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin and other differences. We will rise up as one people to stop the billionaires and hatemongers from undermining our democracy, trampling on our freedoms, and destroying our planet.

We vow to defend each other—because an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

We vow to fight for freedom, dignity and justice for all people.

Join us in resistance and solidarity.

Join us in the streets.

Join us in town halls, state capitols and community meetings.

Join us in your place of worship, your neighborhood association, your school or your workplace.

Join us to build power in our communities, and a multi-racial coalition strong enough to uproot white supremacy and end economic exploitation.

Join us to build an America worthy of our ancestors’ sacrifice, our boldest aspirations, and our children’s great promise.

Join us to fight for:

1. Full and Fair Employment—We deserve a fair economy that works for all of us, with good jobs for everyone who wants to work, where everyone has a decent income and can sustain a family, and where all workers can join a union or other worker-led organizations. We will only be free when our economy is no longer controlled by Wall Street and the richest 1%.

2. Respect and Dignity—We deserve a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We will only be free when we uproot racism, patriarchy and all other forms of oppression, and no one lives in fear, trauma or violence.

3. Education—We deserve the opportunity to thrive and pursue our dreams. We will only be free when all children have access to great public schools, from pre-K to post-secondary – regardless of where we live, the color of our skin, our immigration status, or our family’s income, and when every family has access to free, high quality childcare.

4. Healthcare and Reproductive Justice—We deserve affordable, high quality healthcare and the freedom to control our own bodies. We will only be free when every woman can choose her own destiny, when our healthcare is no longer controlled by big pharmaceutical and insurance companies that profit off our pain and illness, and when the government takes on its fundamental responsibility to ensure access to health care.

5. Safe, Affordable Housing—We deserve a safe, affordable place to call home. We will only be free when landlords can no longer subject us to high rents and slum conditions, when big banks and developers can no longer profit from displacing us from our homes, and when the government reinvests the resources necessary to make up for decades of cutbacks.

6. A Healthy Planet—We deserve clean air, clean water, and green infrastructure in every community. We will only be free when corporations can no longer poison our environment and when we address the dire threat of climate change.

7. Restorative Justice—We deserve to be safe and protected in our homes and neighborhoods. We will only be free when we dismantle the criminal justice system that steals childhoods, murders black and brown people, and locks people up for being poor, and when we address the drug crisis with treatment instead of incarceration.

8. Immigrants’ Rights—We deserve the freedom to move and to migrate, and to participate fully in the country where we live. We will only be free when immigrants are no longer exploited, scapegoated, or living in fear of detention and deportation that tear our families and communities apart. We will only be free when we recognize that our diversity is one of our country’s oldest and greatest strengths.

9. Democracy—We deserve a democracy in which all our voices are heard. We will only be free when our political system is no longer dominated by big money, when we redraw gerrymandered districts to fairly represent our communities, when we restore the right to vote to all formerly incarcerated Americans, and when every voter is guaranteed the right to freely and fairly cast a ballot.

10. International Peace and Justice—We deserve to live in a nation that promotes peace and harmony around the world. We will only be free when the U.S. government ceases to instigate violence in other countries, and corporations no longer reap profits from poverty at home and abroad.

Join us!

Together we will dream.

Together we will resist.

Together we will rise.

And together we will win.