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Dolor y lucro: Las organizaciones “filantrópicas” de Ley 22 que toman de los puertorriqueños y dan poco a cambio

El gobierno de Puerto Rico, en un esfuerzo por atraer a inversionistas ricos a la isla, aprobó en el 2012 la “Ley Para Incentivar el Traslado de Individuos Inversionistas a Puerto Rico”; mejor...

04/9/2024 | Center for Popular Democracy

Pain & Profit: : The Act 22 "Charities" that Take from Puerto Ricans and Give Little in Return

In an effort to attract wealthy investors to Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican government passed the “Act to Promote the Relocation of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico” (known as Act 22 and later...

04/9/2024 | Center for Popular Democracy

Taxing New York's Ultra-Wealthy

Families across New York state are facing an affordability crisis with staggering costs for housing, childcare, and other necessities. New York has the most income inequality in the country and the...

02/23/2024 | Popular Democracy


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Their case set precedent for protecting interracial marriage, and more recently, LGBTQ+ marriage and relationships.

2 days ago

We have the power to reform the Supreme Court and ensure it protects everyone’s 14th Amendment rights- now and for future generations. Text SCOTUS to 25463 to take action with us today!

2 days ago