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06/25/2020 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

The Federal Reserve is a Public Institution but is it Built to Represent the Public? 2020 Analysis of Diversity and Public Representation

The Center for Popular Democracy’s Fed Up campaign conducts an annual analysis of the gender, racial, and occupational diversity of the Federal Reserve system’s leadership.

    This report is designed to gauge progress on the Federal Reserve’s public commitments to diversity, evaluate the degree to which members of the Board of Directors of each local Reserve bank appear to represent the public, and highlight areas for improvement in the coming year. 

    This 2020 analysis reveals an urgent need to diversify the leadership of the nation’s most powerful monetary policymakers. While some Federal Reserve regional banks have made modest progress in gender and racial diversity, board members from the business and banking sectors continue to dominate leadership positions. Download the report to learn more.