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01/30/2020 | Base-Building & Affiliates

CPD Affiliate Executive Directors Convene to Strategize for 2020 and Beyond

Earlier this month, Executive Directors and key staff from more than 30 CPD affiliates met in Stony Point, New York to plan for 2020 and beyond. They spent two and a half days connecting and aligning a network-wide strategy, and the agenda was packed: they discussed racial capitalism, made plans for shared transformational legislative goals, how to foster unity and trust across the CPD Network, how to actualize our strategic vision as we head into another challenging year. Collectively, our network is working to build a base of one million people, and it was exciting to dig in on the path to success as a group.

Further, we  were able to do important collaborative planning, learn from each other, share ideas and resources, and identify key next steps for the network as a whole to continue working towards building a stronger, more just world. 

The problems our communities face are vast and systemic. But, we are facing them as a unified, powerful, national network, and together we have what it takes to build the world we want. There is much work to be done, and we are ready to do it!