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09/4/2020 | Organizing for Housing Justice & A Home to Thrive

CPD Affiliates Demand Relief from Evictions

On September 1, affiliates across the CPD network, Unemployed Action, and League of Heroes—two projects of CPD/A— organized a national day of action to demand immediate relief for families across the United States through eviction protections, rent and mortgage cancellation and action by the Senate to develop and enact a federal relief package that puts people first. 

Safe, affordable, decent housing is an anchor for every family’s ability to thrive. Yet, Congress continues to fail our communities as another month passes with no relief in sight for families experiencing unemployment and threats of eviction. Experts estimate that there could be 30-40 million people evicted in the next 6 weeks if there is no federal, state, or local action. In order to prevent the worst housing crisis this country has ever seen, government officials and corporate landlords must act to cancel rent and evictions for public health and protection of Black, Latinx and Indigineous communities across the country. Will you join us to  fight evictions?

Click here to tell the Senate to take action now!

Nearly 1,000 people joined us for a day of resistance to the crisis of government inaction that will lead to a mass eviction and economic crisis. Through grassroots statewide Eviction Defense Networks (EDN), organizers are calling on eviction and housing courts across the country to remain closed, and for evictions and rent to be cancelled for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our affiliates have already taken action to protect tenants from eviction. In Chicago, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization in partnership with the Lift the Ban Coalition, organized an occupation of the local eviction court for 5 days, and won an extension of the eviction moratorium. CPD affiliates in Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New York, California, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Washington, and Arkansas are keeping the pressure up on their Senators, banks, corporate landlords, the courts and other government officials to #CancelEvictions, #CancelRent, and #Savethe600. 

There are tenants and homeowners who still need rent and mortgage cancellation. Learn more about our campaign to help them here.