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01/30/2020 | Organizing for a Just Recovery in Puerto Rico and Beyond

CPD Affiliates Take Action for Puerto Rico

Since late December, a series of major earthquakes shook the southwest area of the archipelago of Puerto Rico causing an island-wide blackout, leaving thousands homeless, and causing structural damage to hundreds of buildings, schools, and roads. To this day, in the towns of Guanica, Peñuelas, Guayanilla, Arroyo, Yauco, Guayama, Ponce and others, an estimated four thousand people are housed in shelters, and thousands more have pitched tents in their backyards.

In the aftermath, CPD quickly mobilized with the Maria Fund, to move rapid response funding to an initial 6 community groups. On the Island, CPD affiliate Taller Salud is helping to channel much needed resources in the south. You can support these efforts by donating here.

Organizers knew that even more action was needed to make sure Puerto Rico received every resource it could to rebuild. On January 8, CPD affiliates and allies mobilized in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City to demand the federal government release recovery funds. CPD affiliates involved include CASA, CUFFH and Make the Road PA who mobilized members to take action in their communities. CPD also released an OP-ed demanding that $8.7 billion destined to debt payments be released and used for the reconstruction of the island. 

A week later, CPD project Contruyamos Otro Acuerdo, raised demands to protect pensions for retirees. To support the diaspora, CPD hosted a digital Cacerolazo – a form of popular protest which consists of a group of people making noise by banging pots, pans, and other utensils in order to call for attention – that was joined by affiliates and national partners in solidarity with the actions happening on the island. In moments like these, it is the people and our networks of solidarity that take action and make a difference.