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CPD Helps Launch Progressive Municipal Network

Last Saturday, 37 progressive elected officials from 32 municipalities around the country came together to form Local Progress, a network of progressive municipal electeds dedicated to promoting just, inclusive and equitable cities.

Local Progress is coordinated by the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and the Public Leadership Institute and will facilitate the sharing of policy innovations, local legislation, organizing strategies, and communication tools. It will also help progressive advocacy organizations and elected officials collaborate on coordinated, simultaneous campaigns to pass important legislation in cities around the country and elevate issues into the national dialogue.


Legislators spoke optimistically about their vision for the coming decades. “A broad coalition of voters sent a powerful message on election day” said Faith Winter, Mayor Pro Tem of Westminster, CO. “Voters want government that works in the public interest and that treats everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.

More information about the policy initiatives discussed at the Local Progress launch is available here, or about the event itself here.