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The CPD Network Says “Thank You!” to Brian Kettenring!

In February, CPD Co-Executive Directors shared that they were transitioning out of director roles  [link to 2/1/20 blog] and, in a moment of organizational strength, passing the baton to new leaders to carry the organization forward. We are so grateful for the love and appreciation we have heard from so many in the movement as we enter into this transition and find our next leaders

On April 1, CPD Directors Jennifer Epps-Addison, Ana Maria Archila, and Andrew Freedman, along with the board, staff, and affiliates, congratulated our colleague Brian Kettenring on his next role leading  the Economy and Society Initiative at the Hewlett Foundation. We are grateful for the decade Brian spent building the CPD network, the affiliates, and the national organization. And we are grateful that, in his next role, he will take on the important work of challenging neoliberalism – our dominant economic paradigm – replacing it with an approach to our economy and society that works for all of us. Thank you, Brian, for all you have done and all you will do.