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02/27/2020 | Federal Advocacy: Fighting Back & Fighting Forward

CPD Network Takes to the Capitol

On Wednesday, January 29, our sister organization CPD Action (CPDA) joined the Poor People's Campaign, Remove Trump, By the People, Demand Justice, and other allies in a mass demonstration in the Capitol demanding a fair trial in the impeachment of President Trump. Over 1,500 people participated in the action, shining a bright light on the corruption and cowardice of this administration and its enablers. The action was covered by The Hill, Common Dreams, and Public Citizen.

The day started with a training at the Episcopal Church, where CPDA Network President & Co-Executive Director Jennifer Epps-Addison led an impassioned discussion on the history and need for civil disobedience at these moments of crisis. Protesters then marched to the Capitol and flooded the atrium of the Hart Senate Office building, where they staged a silent protest to bare witness to the injustice of this sham trial. Afterwards, we marched to the steps of the Capitol, where Reverend William Barber spoke on the importance of this moment in history. Finally, a subset of our group took the steps of the Capitol beyond the police line and engaged in civil disobedience. In total, 44 people were arrested.

Just as the Kavanaugh protests galvanized the country and sparked people to take action, the energy coming from this moment is strengthening our movement to bring people to the ballot box to vote with their values this year. While the Senate ultimately dismissed the trial, the witnesses in the impeachment trial demonstrated the corruption of this administration to the rest of the world.