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08/1/2019 | Base-Building & Affiliates

Emerging Leaders Convene in New York City

In June 2018 at CPD CAMP, the Center for Popular Democracy launched a year-long cohort of emerging organizational leaders, new executive directors, and senior staff whose mission was to envision and ensure the strong implementation of robust organizing programs. Hailing from 16 organizations across our network, these bold new leaders dug into their leadership practices, learning how to cultivate strong and supportive workplace cultures, deepening supervision and management commitments, and setting ambitious goals for themselves, as well as for their organizations and communities. 

This coordinated effort helped them to articulate shared theories and practices for a stronger movement ecosystem. This intermovement work and visioning is central to the goals of the CPD Network as we try to generate progressive futures that span diverse social justice causes. The group convened again in New York City this month. 

Leo Murrietta, Executive Director of Make the Road Nevada wrote, “I'm so thankful to be able to participate in this group of beautiful people who are trying to steer their ships while they're building them just like I am.

Angela Lang, Executive Director of BLOC said, “Through emerging leaders, I leaned in to my role as a new executive director and figured out how to be most effective and intentional in my leadership style to take my organization to the next level.”

This group created a generative and rich learning environment fueled by their appreciation for and curiosity about each other and their work. Through informal accountability, relational ties, and peer coaching, these leaders tightened the texture of our network and forged deep bonds amongst themselves across their disciplines. The relationships built and lessons learned between members of the cohort constitute that invaluable time that no amount of programming can properly account for, generating an environment that is critical to the intersectional work of our movement.

As leaders, we recognize the tremendous moment we are in, one in which our communities are actively working to reshape the world around us. We aim to do so not only through big campaigns, but also through empowering the development of the individuals who make up our network: our member and staff leaders. We are invested in their growth, as well as in their ability to remain accountable and visionary in the face of the tremendous work ahead. Emerging Leaders provided—and will continue to provide—a space for leaders to invest in their own development and strengthen their capacity to lead the durable engines for social justice our communities all desperately need. CPD will launch our next cycle of Emerging Leaders in the fall. Look for information later this summer—we hope to see your leaders there!