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03/2/2021 | Base-Building & Affiliates

Florida Rising Joins CPD’s Growing Network of Affiliates!

The Center for Popular Democracy is proud to announce that our leading affiliates in Florida, New Florida Majority and Organize Florida, have merged to become the largest grassroots powerhouse in the state, Florida Rising! They started the year off strong with the launch of their new website.

“We are so excited about the future of Florida Rising,” said Stephanie Porta, co- Executive Director of Florida Rising. “New Florida Majority and Organize Florida have a proud history of support for human rights and building grassroots coalitions. This merger will take us on a new journey that will solidify our commitment to Black and Brown communities, and create more opportunities for a better quality of life. Florida Rising is the next logical step that combines our efforts to empower people to take control and give our causes a louder, stronger voice for change.” 

“The two of our organizations coming together means that Black and Brown communities and everyone excluded by the current status quo will have a vehicle to work together to win the policies and the representation that we deserve,” said Andrea Mercado, co- Executive Director of Florida Rising. “It is our duty to make a better, stronger, and more organized movement in Florida. We need to build stronger communities and organize more people in order to combat the Conservative stronghold built in our state. Our collective power, creativity, and love for our communities will get us to victory. Florida Rising will be a living and breathing entity created by the people for the people and a representation of the people who move us, not just an institution for our political idea. A decade after NewFM’s founding, we’re prepared to build power so that we can’t be ignored”.

The recent 2020 election revealed how much can be accomplished by joining forces. The coalition supported progressive candidates to get a seat at the table and won a $15 an hour living wage. But there is much more to do. With Florida Rising, both organizations will combine efforts to secure excellence for our communities.

Florida Rising will be a new and powerful model on how Black and Brown communities, women, femmes, LGBTQ+ and every voice left out of decision making can be liberated. Florida Rising can win the policies and representation we deserve. We are excited to continue supporting the future Florida Rising is creating!