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The Forge is Elevating the Strategy and Practice of Organizing

The Forge: Organizing Strategy and Practice, a project of CPD, is an online journal and community built by and for organizers across the progressive movement to sharpen our strategies, exchange tactical innovations, and build the power we need to win. Organizers are facing critical strategic and methodological questions that impact the future of our collective work. Through articles, interviews, panel discussions, and, soon, cross-sector communities of practice, The Forge facilitates and structures collaboration in order to quickly develop, test, and spread effective strategies and practices — accelerating our field's capacity to grow and innovate on-the-ground campaigns. 

Over the past year and a half, The Forge has published ten issues, including The Rise & Fall of Racial Capitalism, Elections 2020: A Strategy Debrief, and Debriefing the Resistance (guest edited by Cristina Jimenez, formerly of United We Dream). The journal has also worked on several ongoing series covering key issues facing organizers, including After the Insurrection, which examines organizing strategies to combat white supremacy, Ask a Digital Organizer, and Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus. This year, The Forge is also working to develop organizers' leadership and build cross-movement relationships through new Communities of Practice and an Organizers Writing Workshop. Sign up for The Forge email list to get future issues, articles, and panels delivered to your inbox.