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03/2/2021 | Holding Wall Street Accountable, Organizing for a Just Recovery in Puerto Rico and Beyond

New York Affiliates Take on Harmful Hedge Funds

On Monday, February 8, CPD affiliates Communities United for Fair Housing (CUFFH) and New York Communities for Change (NYCC), and allies launched a monumental campaign in New York targeting internationally predatory practices of hedge funds. The New York State legislative campaign, Not A Game, it’s People, will limit the ability of hedge funds to bet on a country’s economic failure, so they no longer make billions off of debt crises in places like Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Argentina.

New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera and Assembly Member Maritza Davila, who were born and raised in Puerto Rico, are championing this effort in Albany. Puerto Rico has been devastated by hedge funds crushing the island's economy and is still rebuilding from hurricanes, earthquakes and the impact of the pandemic. These legislators have personal knowledge of why we need to address vulture hedge funds and bring their leadership and spirit of solidarity with countries confronting a similar economic crisis.  

Over the next couple of months, the campaign will organize to pass state legislation and move efforts in Congress and Puerto Rico that specifically target the impact hedge funds have had on the island. Want to support this important work? Check out and share the ‘Not a Game’ campaign video!