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Take Action MN Knocks 2013 Legislative Session out of the Park

Congratulations to our good friends at Take Action MN, for the tremendous success of their legislative campaigns this session. From becoming the 12th state to legalize gay marriage to creating a new health care exchange free of insurance industry conflicts of interest, Minnesota has enacted raft of new progressive policies that reflect the growing needs of a diverse population. This year’s legislative session has also passed important racial and economic justice measures such as “ban the box” legislation that opens up access to employment for individuals convicted of a crime and moves the state one step forward to closing the racial jobs gap. With the hard work of Take Action MN and other organizations such as SEIU Local 26, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha, ISAIAH, and many others, citizens in Minnesota will also see fairer taxation by closing corporate tax loopholes. And that was just one legislative session! Congratulations Take Action MN, you’re an inspiration.