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04/15/2021 | Justice Transformation

When Will It Stop? We Support Reparations Now

Yesterday was a powerful day for racial justice. The House Judiciary Committee reviewed the Immigration No Ban Act, and there were historic hearings in Congress held for the Self-Determination Act to move towards decolonization of Puerto Rico, and H.R. 40 For Study and Proposals for Reparations for African Americans.

We are in the midst of mourning and protesting the murder of Daunte Wright, the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin as we relive the trauma of George Floyd’s lynching, continued efforts across states to suppress the voice and power of Black and Brown voters, and the spectacle made of Black life through the recurring videos replaying our slain bodies on the news on social media. This is all no different from early 20th century postcards of lynchings of Black people.  

A reconciliation is beyond due. Today and beyond, we have an opportunity to truly move towards a democracy rooted in equity and liberation.  

Black people in this country are being harmed as we speak. We cannot build equity without dismantling the past and present violence as well as the  strategic harm by the government towards Black people in this country. We thank Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for leading the charge in the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee towards America paying what is owed for the labor, blood, violence and systemic practice of disenfranchisement of Black people in America. The first time ever, a bill to study reparations is headed to the House for a vote.

The roots of anti-Black racism in this country impacts the oppression of all people without proximity to whiteness. The liberation of Black people is bound to our collective liberation. We support reparations now, because justice cannot wait. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can watch the hearing on H.R. 40 here