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Investing in Equity & Repairing Historic Wealth Stripping: Federal Policy Platform

Trump’s economic policies have been a disaster for working people and exacerbated economic inequality inour country, especially for families of color.

    In 2020, policymakers can begin to reverse the damage Trump has done, and address the long-term structural problems we face, by advancing the policy change to build an economy that repairs historic wealth inequities, protects workers and their families, and sustains our communities.

    This brief offers an initial framework for understanding the historic inequities in our economy, beginning with an analysis of racial capitalism, which has shaped and defined how the American economy works and for whom. It also includes an overview of the myriad ways that the Trump administration’s economic policies have exacerbated these problems and not only failed to deliver on promises to protect workers, but have actively targeted working families.

    This brief also offers a set of economic policy solutions that are part of the Center for Popular Democracy/ Center for Popular Democracy Action Federal Platform, adopted by our network of over fifty grassroots organizations in July 2019.