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Center for Popular Democracy Condemns Congress For Failure To Protect Dreamers And Assist Puerto Rico

“Dreamers and Puerto Ricans are united in their fight,” says national community organizing network.


NEW YORK, NY-- In response to a Senate budget vote to move forward a continuing resolution without a solution to Dreamers or adequate aid to Puerto Rico, the Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from co-executive director, Ana María Archila:

“We are profoundly disappointed that the Senate chose to, yet again, kick the can down the road on a permanent solution for the 800,000 young people whose lives were put at risk by President Trump. With this vote, Congress is sending our communities the message that they are unwilling to do what it takes to protect immigrant communities from the white supremacist agenda that Trump is deliberately trying to impose on our country.

We know, and appreciate, that the agreement includes several important domestic priorities, including urgently needed money for Puerto Rico's Medicaid program. The agreement also includes more than 11 billion in recovery aid for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. However, the aid package falls far short of what’s needed - Moody’s, for example, has estimated that the island will need 100 billion to recover.

Dreamers and Puerto Ricans are united in their fight. Two days ago, Puerto Rican families stood side by side with immigrant youth and families at a rally in D.C. and pledged, together, to fight for a government that respects and invests in all of its people. We are all standing together for the fundamental right to stay in the place we call home, whether as immigrants or as Puerto Ricans.

We want to thank the members of Congress who voted against this agreement. We especially want to thank Representatives Luis Gutiérrez, Nydia Velázquez, and Jose Serrano, who worked very hard to make sure that funding for Puerto Rico was part of the deal, yet still took a moral stand by voting against a continuing resolution that failed to protect Dreamers from Trump’s deportation machine. Their votes give us hope, because in the face of an immoral administration, we need champions in the government who will demonstrate moral clarity and a commitment to protect our families from the relentless racist attacks from the White House.

Although we are disappointed today, we are not defeated in our commitment to win a truly adequate aid package for Puerto Rico and a clean Dream Act that once and for all declares that Dreamers are America’s youth, and this country is their home. We will not stop until all our families are safe and able to live without fear.”



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