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08/4/2019 | Immigrant Rights - Creating Deportation Defense

Center for Popular Democracy Grieves Shootings in El Paso, Dayton

“Trump’s anti-immigrant language is dangerous and plunges our country into tragedy.”


WASHINGTON -- The Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from the Network President and Co-Executive Director, Jennifer Epps-Addison, following the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio:

“This weekend, we experienced the 249th and 250th shooting in the United States in 2019. These acts of terror tear apart our communities and force our nation into mourning. We send our deep love and condolences to those impacted.

“The Republican party in this country is unyielding in its refusal to reform our gun laws. At the same time, the party does nothing to stem the racist rhetoric out of the White House -- the rhetoric that gunmen mirror when they terrorize our neighborhoods. Trump’s anti-immigrant language is dangerous and plunges our country into tragedy.

“We must begin to call these acts out for what they are: domestic terrorism borne of white supremacy.  The Center for Popular Democracy will continue our work to pursue a pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda that holds our lawmakers accountable and empowers our collective community to confront gun violence, and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.”

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Media Contact: Lia Weintraub, lweintraub@populardemocracy.org, 202-618-2482