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Center for Popular Democracy Rejects Rounds-King Amendment And Calls For Real Solution To DACA Crisis

“It would trigger mass deportations, dismantle family reunification, and inflict further harm on border communities,” says national community organizing network


WASHINGTON, DC -- In response to the Rounds-King amendment proposed by the "Common Sense Caucus" as part of the Senate's open debate on immigration, the Center for Popular Democracy released the following statement from Co-Executive Director Ana María Archila:

“We are deeply troubled by the Rounds-King proposal, which offers a longer path to citizenship for immigrant youth in exchange for codifying into law Trump’s deportation agenda. This outrageous proposal would make every single undocumented person a priority for deportation. It would trigger mass deportations, dismantle family reunification, and inflict further harm on border communities. We oppose this agreement, and urge every Democratic senator to protect our families by voting NO on this proposal.

Donald Trump created a national crisis when he ended DACA, and now the senators behind the Rounds-King amendment want to use Dreamers as a bargaining chip to enact Trump’s white nationalist agenda. The future of almost a million young immigrants hangs in the balance. And at the heart of it, we are wrestling over the very soul of our nation. Will we honor our own history as a country of immigrants? Will we uphold the basic dignity of all communities? Or will we continue down a path of divisiveness and hate?

Members of Congress must stand on the right side of history and reject the Rounds-King, Grassley, and Toomey amendments, and any other proposal that would tear immigrant families apart and criminalize communities of color. Instead, we urge all members of Congress to pass the bipartisan solution that has been clear for months, and which has tremendous support from the American people: the Dream Act.”



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