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Center for Popular Democracy Statement on Congress Passing of Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act

Statement issued by Co-Executive Director Jennifer Epps-Addison

August 10, 2021

Marly Valiente

“Center for Popular Democracy commends Congress for passing a once-in-a-generation infrastructure plan that will create millions of jobs and invest in badly-needed infrastructure. This is a crucial first step to ensure future generations can live in a country of abundance where we are all free to thrive together.

We can’t stop here. Congress must continue this momentum until we transform our country to center the needs of the people and our planet. Rebuilding our infrastructure is not enough if our people still live in fear of not being able to provide for themselves and their families. Rebuilding our infrastructure is not enough if our people still live in fear of being deported after helping us survive this pandemic.

We call on Congress and the Biden administration to also pass legislation that ensures that people in the United States, Puerto Rico, and all territories are able to live with dignity. This includes reforming unemployment insurance, canceling rent, raising the minimum wage, passing the THRIVE Act and fully enacting the Green New Deal, creating a swift and inclusive pathway to citizenship, and dramatically expanding access to healthcare for everyone. In this historic moment, we demand historic action — this means transforming our country so that everyone who calls this country our home can thrive.


The Center for Popular Democracy is a national network of more than 50 community organizations dedicated to achieving racial and economic justice through local grassroots organizing. CPD trains and supports leadership, staff, and members to grow base-building organizations to scale and leverage that strength to win cutting-edge policy victories at the federal, state and local level.