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Fed Rate Hike Threatens Jobs and Wages

Interest rate hike today will have grave consequences for Black and Brown communities


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: Connie Razza, Director of Strategic Research for the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) released the following statement in advance of the likely interest rate hike this afternoon:

“The presumption underlying the Fed’s decision today is that the economic recovery is nearing completion, a determination wholly at odds with the data on which the Fed is committed to depending. Inflation is well below the Fed’s own target and wages remain stagnant, yet Fed officials voted today to intentionally slow down the economy. Today’s announcement lays the foundation for unnecessary economic obstacles in the way of the tens of millions of working people across the country who deserve higher wages and better jobs, and particularly the Black and Latino communities still mired in a Great Recession. We urge the Federal Reserve to deliberate carefully in considering future increases.” 

The Fed Up campaign is bringing the voices of working families and communities of color into the national debate about Federal Reserve policy. In the past year, our members have met with 9 of the 12 regional presidents and 4 of the 5 sitting Governors, sharing with them the human realities that underlie the economic numbers. We are urging the Fed to fulfill both sides of its dual mandate and build an economy with genuine full employment, where everybody who wants a good job can find one.

In the event that the Federal Reserve does not raise interest rates, you will receive another statement following the Fed’s announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

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