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Immigrant Rights Leaders, DREAMers Celebrate Path Forward for Dream and Promise Act

Immigrant Rights Leaders, DREAMers Celebrate Path Forward for Dream and Promise Act


Immigrant Rights Leaders, DREAMers Celebrate Path Forward for Dream and Promise Act

WASHINGTON -- On Wednesday, the Dream and Promise Act passed through the House Judiciary Committee, setting the legislation on a path forward for a vote on the House floor. Though Republicans offered 11 amendments to water down the legislation, Democrats held strong and passed a version that would provide the protections that DREAMers and TPS holders need.

In response to the historic passage, members of the Center for Popular Democracy network released the following statements.

Jessica Sanchez, Action North Carolina member

"I am so happy that the House voted in favor of the DREAM and Promise Act. I have lived in the U.S. almost all my life and this is all I’ve known. I dream of going to college, like all of my friends. I dream of becoming an attorney and giving back to my community. So, I hope that the Senate votes in favor of the DREAM Act too. It is the right thing to do."

Jose Dominguez, CASA member and DREAMer

“After so many years of uncertainty, it felt so good to hear the Judiciary committee vote in favor of HR6. I will graduate in a year from Morgan State University with an Engineering degree and will be ready to work on innovative solutions to big challenges. I’m calling on Congress to pass a clean Dream and Promise Act this year so I can put my education to work, for all of us.”

Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director and Network President, Center For Popular Democracy

“The House Judiciary Committee has shown that DREAMers and TPS holders can no longer be the bargaining chips of Trump’s political games. Immigrant lives and contributions to our society are valuable. I hope that Congress will recognize this opportunity to take the lives of DREAMers and TPS holders out of limbo and pass the Dream and Promise Act.”

Mirna Portillo, Make the Road New York member and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipient

"Over the last two years the Trump administration has thrown the lives of families like mine into chaos. This legislation will not erase the trauma and pain this administration has caused our communities, but it is the first real step towards permanent protection for millions of people. This bill represents protecting immigrant youth and families who call this country home, and will allow immigrants a right to counsel, a crucial measure to ensure everyone is given due process. We urge the House to pass this critical legislation without delay and reject any additions that will further criminalize our people or fund harmful enforcement agencies. It’s time we show a united front and take a meaningful step to send a clear message: we are here to stay.”

Maria del Cielo Mendez, Make the Road New Jersey youth leader and potential beneficiary of the Dream and Promise Act

“As an undocumented youth, student, and worker, I am motivated to see our members of Congress fight for immigration reform that does not include provisions that would deport my parents or separate any family in my community. As we move throughout our day - everyday - we remember that our futures are on the line, but we only let that inspire us to work harder and organize for a solution. The Dream and Promise Act is this solution. We urge immediate passage in the House of Representatives and call on our members of Congress from New Jersey to vote yes."

Rainy Leonor-Lake, Reading member of Make the Road Action in Pennsylvania

"With everything happening, it's good to finally have some good news! Our immigrant community has waited long enough for comprehensive immigration reform that gives us a path to citizenship. We know that this legislation that just passed the House Judiciary Committee is the best version that we can hope for right now, but we need our democratic leaders to stand strong and give us the rights we deserve. With Make the Road Action in PA, we will hold our legislators accountable as it comes to a vote in the House."

Lupe Magdalena, Executive Director, Sunflower Community Action

“Today the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee held strong and helped pass a Dream and Promise Act that we feel proud to support. Now it’s time for the House to vote in favor of this historic bill that would provide a pathway to citizenship to 2 million people, including many community members here in Kansas.”


Lia Weintraub, lweintraub@populardemocracy.org, 202-618-2482