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04/21/2020 | Federal Advocacy: Fighting Back & Fighting Forward

Progressives Outraged with Latest Coronavirus Relief Bill

“The Senate passed a relief bill that falls woefully short of what our country needs.”


WASHINGTON -- In response to the Senate passing a relief bill today, Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, released the following statement:

"Today, the Senate passed a relief bill that falls woefully short of what our country needs. People are waiting in line for hours at food banks, tens of millions of people have lost their health care and source of income. They have less than two weeks to get the help they need before the rent is due. Yet instead of prioritizing relief for the people who need it the most, and the communities and workers that are hardest hit by this crisis, Republicans and Democrats passed a bill that falls short of addressing the scope of the problem. 

“We need Democrats to  fight for people and communities, and meet the magnitude of people’s suffering with a vigorous and urgent effort to put money in people’s hands right now. They need to call out Trump's scapegoating of immigrants for what it is: an effort to distract the American public from his inept management of this crisis. It is more important than ever for Democrats to build a response that centers the needs of Black and Brown communities who are disproportionately suffering and dying, essential workers who are risking their lives unprotected, unemployed people and the uninsured, unhoused people and renters, immigrants, and people surviving paycheck to paycheck and foodbank to foodbank. Democrats must be the party of the people and demand the relief on a scale that reaches and takes care of the most vulnerable communities. We will only get out of this crisis when essential workers have what they need, and when every family can access health care, food and shelter. 

“Today’s deal fails on every measure, and we oppose these kinds of half-measures. People deserve, and desperately need, real relief right now. Congress must fulfill its critical role in bringing a recovery for all.”


Media Contact: Lia Weintraub, lweintraub@populardemocracy.org, 202-618-2482