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01/26/2021 | Organizing for Housing Justice & A Home to Thrive

2021 Federal Housing Agenda

At a time of global health, climate, and housing affordability crises, our country needs a visionary housing policy.

    We must protect families from the looming threat of unprecedented displacement. We must also halt Wall Street speculation and corporate landlords’ growing influence over the housing market; create truly affordable housing; and redress our federal government’s history of institutionalized bias, putting us on a path towards greater racial, economic, and gender equity.

    We all deserve a stable, affordable place to call home. But as many as 40 million people nationwide face eviction due to inability to pay rent. Our public housing is in shambles. Affordable housing is disappearing as homelessness mounts. Wall Street speculators and corporate landlords have jacked up housing costs, subjecting residents to predatory lending, rent gouging, and unsafe conditions, while elites pocket runaway profits.

    We must urgently create a more just and sustainable housing system. Download the agenda to learn more.