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Still Not Free When They Come Home, a Community Report

How Wisconsin's Criminal Legal System Harms Democracy and the Black Community on Milwaulkee's North Side.

10/16/2023 | The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) & Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC)

Beyond Policing Schools Toolkit

09/7/2023 | Urban Youth Collaborative & The Center for Popular Democracy

Beyond Policing Communities Toolkit

09/7/2023 | The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)

2022 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

Ten years ago, CPD/A was founded with the bold dream of creating a world where we are all free to thrive. We are proud to say that, since then, we have consistently taken direct action—whether at the...

06/1/2023 | Center For Popular Democracy (CPD)

Strengthening Medicaid

Challenges States Must Address As The Public Health Emergency Ends

05/31/2023 | Popular Democracy, People's Action Institute, Make The Road

How Ron DeSantis Sold Out Florida Homeowners

Insurance Rates Soar, Corporations Profit, Campaign Cash Floods In.




Progress Residential Preys on Renters as it Buys Up Homes in Tennessee and the U.S. South

04/14/2023 | Mad Bankson and Jordan Ash, Private Equity Stakeholder Project & Amee Chew, Center for Popular Democracy | Organizing for Housing Justice & A Home to Thrive

Crooked Kathy's Dirty Donors

The Billionaires Buying New York's Budget

03/21/2023 | Holding Wall Street Accountable


this just in...


Their case set precedent for protecting interracial marriage, and more recently, LGBTQ+ marriage and relationships.

1 day ago

We have the power to reform the Supreme Court and ensure it protects everyone’s 14th Amendment rights- now and for future generations. Text SCOTUS to 25463 to take action with us today!

1 day ago