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Beyond Policing Communities Toolkit

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The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)
    Thank you CPD staffer Eli Vitulli with support from Kate Hamaji, Paige Fernandez, and Kate Terenzi.

    Everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities and homes. For over four decades, the primary response to violence, harm, and many social needs in the US has been increased police surveillance, criminalization, and incarceration of Black communities, Indigenous communities, Latine communities, and communities of color. While federal and many state and local governments poured billions of dollars into police and prisons, they simultaneously divested from these same communities and our social safety net.1 This “law and order” strategy has had devastating effects on Black, Brown, and low-income communities across the US. The safest communities are not those with the most police, but instead those with ample resources.

    Our communities have long called for solutions beyond police and incarceration to build safety and allow communities to thrive. Those solutions should build on existing collective knowledge and resources while experimenting with and creating new ones including violence prevention programs, non-police crisis/community response units, good jobs, accessible and affordable healthcare, housing, public transportation, and education–that address violence and harm at their root causes.