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Community Schools: Problem-Solving Machines, Roosevelt Middle School Case Study

Community schools implement evidence-based strategy to bring together the resources of school, family, and community in order to make schools stronger and help young people thrive. With a century-long history in the United States,i Community Schools now serve over 5 million students in approximately 5,000 schools across the country. While Community Schools might take different approaches, these schools generally employ whole-child, research-based strategies and elevate innovative and holistic practices in order to achieve results that go beyond test scores. In fact, when Community Schools are able to employ the multiple strategies outlined in this report, their results can be sustainably transformational: increasing school attendance, decreasing suspensions and expulsions, creating healthy and safe communities, and improving academic outcomes. This report documents the dramatic school improvement effort ongoing at Roosevelt Middle School (Roosevelt). Since adopting the Community Schools model in 2012, Roosevelt has seen dramatic improvements in test scores, attendance, family engagement, and in many other categories.