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10/20/2021 | Raising the Bar for Workers and Families

Dirty Deal: How The Port Authority’s Backroom Deal with Amazon Would Harm Black and Brown Communities in Newark

Amazon’s plans to rapidly expand its global air operations got a jumpstart in August, when the Port Authority Board voted unanimously to allow Amazon to lease a massive 23-acre site at Newark Liberty Airport.

    The unaccountable Port Authority Board is trying to sneak this $432 million deal through without community input or adequate community benefits. This deal would hurt New Jersey communities by displacing union jobs, exacerbating environmental injustice, and further burdening the working class Black and Latinx communities that surround the Newark airport.

    More broadly, this deal would solidify Amazon’s growing dominance on the East Coast, and presence across the country, just as Congress is debating ways to reign in Amazon’s monopoly power. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker himself has led the charge against Amazon and other companies’ bad practices, arguing “we need to use every antitrust remedy—including breaking up firms—to protect consumers, competition and our democracy.”

    Since news of the impending deal broke, the Port Authority Board has faced fierce public opposition. Community groups have launched a coordinated effort to stop the Amazon deal from going through, insisting the deal must be stopped to ensure clean air, good jobs, and broad-based economic prosperity in New Jersey. The lease has not yet been signed and there is still an opportunity between now and early November to stop the deal and give community members a chance for real input.

    The Port Authority Board must listen to the public outrage over this deal, and put the needs of local New Jersey communities before Amazon’s relentless global expansion and profit seeking behavior. Download the report to learn more.