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04/10/2018 | Organizing for Education Justice

From Failure to Freedom: Dismantling Milwaukee's School-to-Prison Pipeline with the Youth Power Agenda

The systemic criminalization of youth of color, youth with disabilities, and youth of color with disabilities in schools is one of the most blatant and egregious examples of structural racism and violence in this country.

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Center for Popular Democracy and Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT)

    The presence of police officers, guns, handcuffs, and metal detectors in schools creates hostile teaching and learning environments that are reinforced by harsh, punitive, and exclusionary school discipline policies. Together these practices constitute what is widely referred to as the school-to-prison pipeline. As this report demonstrates, Milwaukee’s reliance on punitive approaches to discipline is ineffective, costly, and, most troublingly, racially biased.

    The young people who are most at risk of harm due to harsh policing and disciplinary policies are uniquely situated to lead the dialogue around developing truly safe and equitable learning environments. Milwaukee Public Schools must divest from policing and punitive practices and instead invest in supportive programs, restorative practices, and support professionals that facilitate improved environments and provide students with the freedom to thrive. The blueprint for achieving this is presented in this report as the Youth Power Agenda. 

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