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02/15/2020 | Organizing for Housing Justice & A Home to Thrive

The Freedom to Stay: Philly is Our Home

Philadelphia is in the midst of a housing crisis that has devastating effects on low-income communities and communities of color.

    Over 200,000 Philadelphians are struggling to pay rent, buy a home, or cover the mortgage,property tax, or other housing costs.1 Nearly 6,000 Philadelphians are homeless on a given night, including nearly 1,500 children under 18 years old.2 This housing crisis is experienced across the city but is rooted in the destabilization, displacement, and disinvestment of low-income communities of color, particularly in Southwest, West, and North Philadelphia.

    Housing is a fundamental human right and must be prioritized over the profits of landlords and developers. City Council must act now to protect Philadelphians and support low-income Black and brown residents to stay in their homes and continue to build thriving communities. They must pass rent control and “pay as you stay” property tax relief to create thriving communities in which their constituents can stay in their homes. Our communities need the Freedom to STAY.

    Our communities have the solutions to end housing insecurity in Philadelphia, we need the political will from City Council to join in our bold vision. Download the report to learn more.