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07/8/2021 | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

Unrepresentative and Unaccountable: 2021 Analysis of Diversity in Federal Reserve Leadership

The Federal Reserve is the most powerful economic policy institution in our country.

    The Center for Popular Democracy’s Fed Up campaign conducts an annual diversity analysis of the Federal Reserve system’s leadership. This report gauges progress on the Federal Reserve’s public commitment to diversifying its senior leadership. In particular, the report evaluates the degree to which the directors of the regional reserve banks, as well as the regional bank presidents and the Board of Governors, represent the public they are intended to serve. It also highlights areas that need improvement and recommends procedural changes that the Federal Reserve can immediately institute to remedy these problems, as well as legislative fixes that Congress can pursue. Our 2021 review of the numbers reveals an urgent need to diversify the nation’s most powerful monetary policymakers. Download the report to learn more →