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08/5/2021 | Protecting Immigrant Communities

We Matter A Guide for Community Organizations on Redistricting Engagement

Elections must reflect the will of the people, not the interests and priorities of politicians in power.

    Given the dramatic threats to our democracy fueled by the actions of the Trump administration to exclude immigrants from the Census and overturn the 2020 elections, it’s more critical than ever to ensure fair elections where each vote counts.

    Helping to draw fair and transparent electoral maps is one of the best ways to ensure our voices are heard. “Redistricting” is the process used by governments to redraw political district boundaries and create those maps. During this process, each voter gets grouped into a political district with other voters.

    Politicians often redraw maps behind closed doors in order to keep themselves and their party in power. The maps they draw give an unfair advantage to them, or to their party, by making it nearly impossible for other candidates to win. Download the report to learn more →