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06/14/2018 | Forced Arbitration: A Corporate Attack on Workers’ Rights

Whistleblower Enforcement: Holding Corporations Accountable for Breaking the Law

    Our state agencies have talented, hardworking staff, but not enough resources to prosecute every lawbreaking company. That’s why lawsuits by victims of wage theft or consumer fraud are an important tool to hold bad actors accountable. But now powerful corporations are burying forced arbitration provisions deep in the fine print of contracts, denying our constitutional right to go to court. And the Supreme Court just ruled that we have no right to join with our coworkers to fight workplace abuses – we have to go it alone against huge companies. This decision makes it almost impossible to sue our employers. 

    Every day, companies steal workers’ wages, discriminate against women and people of color, and defraud consumers because they know they can get away with it. Rampant lawbreaking hurts working families and puts law-abiding companies at a competitive disadvantage