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Object Action: The "F" Word in a Post-truth Era Opening Reception to Collect For Change Inauguration

Object Action: The "F" Word in a Post-Truth Eramarks the inauguration of Collect For Change-an initiative which collaborates with artists across disciplines, offering artwork with a portion of...

Broadway World | Civic Engagement
[created] | Published by: Wisconsin Gazette

Supreme Court deadlocks on immigration case

Supreme Court deadlocks on immigration case

Karla Cano faces uncertainty. She had expected to qualify for deferred action under the Obama administration’s executive orders on immigration. But a tied decision by the U.S. Supreme Court...

Wisconsin Gazette

May Day Protesters Gather Outside JP Morgan Chase HQ in Manhattan


Yahoo! News | Civic Engagement

Companies End On-Call Scheduling After NY Attorney General’s Letter

Gap Inc. is the latest retailer to end its practice of requiring workers to remain on-call for short-notice shifts following an inquiry from New York’s attorney general.

A spokeswoman for...

Restoring a Fair Workweek

Advocacy group calls for more oversight of California charter school spending

A lack of transparency and inadequate oversight can set up the potential for waste, fraud, and abuse.  A  2015 report from the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools and the Center for Popular Democracy...

Education Dive | Organizing for Education Justice

Letter to the Editor: Proposed Legislation in Maryland Would Sacrifice Standards of Charter Schools

Washington Post - March 3, 2015, by Anne Kaiser - I share The Post’s interest in a healthy environment for charter schools in Maryland, as expressed in the Feb. 25 editorial “ Give...

‘We’ll Give You Whatever We Have:’ How Organizations Are Fighting to Bring Relief to Puerto Rico

The sixth-floor windows wouldn’t hold in the winds, they knew. So the doctors and staff at the University Pediatric Hospital in San Juan moved the entire neonatal intensive-care unit, the NICU,...

New York Magazine | Civic Engagement

5 Things to Know about Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump Education Choice

Billionaire Betsy DeVos, a major GOP funder and party activist from Michigan, has been tapped by Donald Trump to become the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education next year.


PR Watch | Organizing for Education Justice

Elizabeth Warren and more than 100 House Democrats blast lack of diversity at the Fed

The Federal Reserve System is one of the most important institutions in the entire American government. Its composition is also almost shockingly non-diverse, with zero African Americans or...

Vox | Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up

Fed Up With Being Shut Out of Federal Reserve, Activists Descend on Summit

Specifically, the coalition is warning against the very real prospect of higher interest rates, saying a rate hike would slow the economy and harm those for whom the so-called "recovery" has been...

Building a National Campaign for a Strong Economy: Fed Up


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From the Labor Movement to the Civil Rights Movement, Latine workers have always been the beating heart of the fight for BIPOC working class liberation. Our ancestors understood that solidarity and organizing were the main ingredients in the recipe for liberation. https://t.co/WnTADbpJwM

4 days ago

Worker-organizers and freedom fighters like Dolores Huerta knew that forming unions and building strong social movements would be key to dismantling the systems of racist and capitalist oppression holding farm and domestic workers down. https://t.co/burMsg0YlB

4 days ago