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Jeff Flake Is Confronted on Video by Sexual Assault Survivors A Tumultuous 24 Hours: How Jeff Flake Delayed a Vote on Kavanaugh Women Are Watching

Surrounded by his colleagues in a cramped corridor behind the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Jeff Flake was in agony, getting pounded on all sides.


The New York Times | Civic Engagement
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What is a Good Job?

What is a Good Job?

Today marks the 78th anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the law that gave us the minimum wage and a host of other protections to protect workers from the most cutthroat tendencies of...

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Victoria's Secret on-call policy remains under wraps

In the face of a legal challenge in California and a probe by the New York State attorney general, underwear purveyor Victoria's Secret is said to have pulled the plug on a controversial labor...

Restoring a Fair Workweek

‘Working Moms and Dads Are Juggling a lot’ – Series of Bills Aim to Help Working Families

FOX CT - March 5, 2015, by Katie Harris - A series of bills were introduced at the Legislative Office Building  Thursday, aimed at helping the “Women’s Economic Agenda.”


Restoring a Fair Workweek

Arizona’s special election could send an important message for the midterms — even if the GOP wins

Ady Barkan, the man with ALS who became nationally famous for confronting Sen. Jeff Flake over his support for the Republican tax bill has thrown his support behind Tipirneni, creating a viral web...

Mic | Civic Engagement

The Resistance Now: Star Wars, 'aliens' and Leonardo DiCaprio join the fight

It seems the Earth has a sense of irony. “Record-breaking heat” is possible at the People’s Climate March in DC on Saturday, where thousands of people are planning to protest against the president...

The Guardian | Civic Engagement

Death and democracy: How a dying activist is spending his final days

Diagnosed with ALS in 2016, activist Ady Barkan is living on borrowed time. As his body deteriorates rapidly, he’s spending his last moments fighting for the causes he believes in, hoping to leave...

NBC News | Civic Engagement

New York City's Undocumented Immigrants Will Get Municipal IDs, Says Mayor De Blasio

Huffington Post - February 10, 2014 - New York City's undocumented immigrants will soon be able to obtain municipal ID cards, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.

"We will protect the...

Ahead of Black Friday, Walmart Workers Brief Capitol Hill Lawmakers

People's World - November 19, 2014 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D, Mass., Rep. George Miller, D,Calif., and legislative experts held a committee briefing today,  titled Walmart and the Economic...

Restoring a Fair Workweek

So-Called 'Common Sense' Immigration Plan Denounced as 'Mass Deportation Bill'

Following news on Wednesday that a bipartisan group of senators known as the "Common Sense Caucus" reached a deal on an immigration measure that would grant President Donald Trump's demands for...

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Nearly 70% of immigrants in detention are unrepresented in immigration courts—even during a time where access to publicly funded …

11 months ago

Right now, nearly one in seven renters are behind on rent and the eviction moratorium provided temporary relief for… https://t.co/xRWVklDWEC

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